Alba Tech Restoration is a family owned business. It has been our premise and commitment that with hard work, expertise, and high standards excellence, success would be realized. We have over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, as general contractors. All of our supervisors foremen’s and laborers are skilled in their craft. An essential element of our job management procedure is that an experienced and proficient project manager runs each project. Landmark and Historical projects, are monitored from skilled and talented artisans and sculptors.

Ray Dudley

Hats off to you for giving beautiful shape to what started out as a real fuzzy requirement from our side. Our informal cooking cum dining area is small and cozy, yet large enough to provide room for family space. Friends and relatives just love the house!

They’re truly talented! Apart from fantastic architecture, their timelines are spot on.

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Alba Tech is located in Staten Island New York and services the greater New York City Metropolitan Area. Alba Tech Restoration, Inc. is one of New York City landing contractors in the field of building restoration for landmark and historical projects, ( Interior and exterior)